Why Divine Tour is different

We at DivineTour have built our success over the last years with original tour content and premium service for valuable customers.

Languages at other agencies

Tours given in multiple languages. Often in barely understandable English (or Spanish/German/Dutch/Italian/French).

Tour guides at other agencies

Guides holding a long monologue, heavy on uninteresting information and historic facts you probably will not remember.

Groups at other agencies

Crowded groups with 50 participants and more.

You queue.

You wait in long lines in front of every touristic site.

You walk a lot

Most agencies use big coaches for tours in Italian Art cities and their narrow streets. Bigger coaches are allowed to stop only in few strictly selected areas, you must walk to reach most monuments, in cities as Rome up to 40 minutes one way.

Exhausting tours

Some of the classic city tours last up to 8-9 hours. You probably will not remember the last hours and be rather exhausted when back in your room/on your cruise ship.

Emission-rich tours

You are forced to leave your carbon foot prints in fragile Italian Art Cities as you are not offered alternative tours.

Mass customer service

You queue even when asking a question regarding your tour or transfer and will not always be heard when complaining.

DivineTour languages

Your tour will be only in your language. Our tour guides speak perfect and clearly understandable English (or German/Spanish/Dutch/Italian/French).

DivineTour guides

Our tours are designed to include the most interesting information and all our guides are trained to communicate this information in a comprehensible way and to use parts of novels and movies to create animated information. We want you to take home your new knowledge and share it with family and friends.

DivineTour groups

All our tours have a strictly limited group size of 20 participants.

You get direct access

We skip the Lines. We think you should use your time seeing instead of waiting.

DivineTour uses electric vehicles

We use electric cars and electric scooters for our tours and are allowed even in pedestrian zones. We want you to reach the historic sites relaxed. For longer transfers, we offer luxurious mini vans which are allowed to stop in front of any historic site.

Entertaining tours

Divine Tours last not more than 4 hours. This is enough time to offer you a fair amount of intense information and entertainment and show you cities such as Rome and Florence as well as some of their hidden beauties.

Respect for nature

We use zero emission vehicles and try to cut our energy costs wherever and whenever we can.

Personalised customer services

There is always somebody around for you. We offer a H24 support email line and H6 phone line. As our premium guest, you get your driver`s and guide`s phone number for emergency calls. They will assist you also shortly before and after your transfer and tour time, providing you with their local know how when you need it most.


Spectacular tour up and down the seven hills early Rome was built on in more than two thousand years of history. Apart from the ancient hills, you will see the Vatican Hill and then cruise the “lowlands” with Piazza Navona and the Pantheon.

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What customers say

about one of our other bestseller tours: The famous Angels and Demons Tour.

Joe Bachmann, New York (USA)

Never ever did we want to do a classic city tour. Then we booked the Angels&Demons because of Angels&Demons. We got a wonderful guide. He hit us with his immense knowledge he presented in the most entertaining way. Now we definitely want more city tours like this!

Yolanda Kamphuis, Enschede (the Netherlands)

Entirely the A&D story
It was a great experience touring with a golfcar through Rome. The guide (I had unfortunately forgotten his name) was extremely nice and funny and he lived so entirely in the A&D story that he took us along with him. A must for everyone!

Jürgen und Andrea Kreissl, Germany

My wife and I were thrilled by the great implementation of the tour. The transportation with an electric car is an excellent choice for Rome and for this tour.

Josef & Uli Massinger, Josef & Tanja Himmelsdorfer, Munich (Germany)

We (4 persons) had so much fun on this tour. Our guide proved that it is possible to combine knowledge with verve and fun. We have done many tours in the world – never seen such a felicitous combination of knowledge and humor! We would highly recommend this tour, small groups, flexible tourorganization – what else could we ask for?